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Self Discovery Assessment
The Do What You Are Self Discovery Assessment, from Bridges, is well-tested and proven reliable...designed specifically for high school students. It harvests all the personality insight we need to make on-target education and career path recommendations.

Nationwide, counselors are using Do What You Are to help their students focus on who they are and what educational and career path is best for them. The Self Discovery Assessment, which takes students 30 to 45 minutes to complete, provides not only useful Personality Type information, but points to careers, college majors, learning styles, and communication preferences that are individually specific. A new feature of the program allows the student to stop taking the assessment and continue at a later time.

Self Discovery Assessment
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Students can access the Do What You Are Self Discovery Assessment from school or home - or anywhere Internet access is available to them - and the results are delivered securely to them and to you. The Confidential Reports are packed with information about the student and offers you a tool that is unrivaled by any other career development or personality type assessment program.